Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fran's Makes A Move!

It looks like Fran may have found a new (for the moment) home!

She's living with her BFF, Molly. Molly has been Fran's caregiver for the last year or so, and it became apparent that Fran preferred Molly's company to ours. I think that Fran still felt an underlying responsible towards me. She doesn't really relate to me as her daughter, but I think she knows she's supposed to care for me. She is always asking me, "is there anything I can do? Is everything O.K.?" Being with Molly enables her to forget about her responsibilities. And she's having a blast. Last week, Molly took her out to a restaurant that had karaoke. Fran got up on the stage with Molly, and even though she didn't sing, she stood with the microphone and swayed back and forth. Fran also picked the song to sing. She picked "I will survive." I wonder, is this a random coincidence, or a vestige of Fran's sly humor?

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