Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Blog

The blog is back!
I haven't been writing the blog for a while.  My last post was in June of 2011.  Gosh, what has happened since then?

On the Parent-Front:
Mike moved in with us, and started going to daycare.
Fran wanted to come home from Molly's foster care, so she moved back in with us.
Mike had to leave daycare.
I rented the one bedroom side of a neighborhood duplex, so Mike would have somewhere to spend days with his caregivers, and not be upset by screaming children and vice-versa.
Fran had a stroke and became more lucid, but lost a chunk of communication skills.
April 16, 2012, Fran died.
On the Kid-Front:
JJ started to take classes at Village Home School.
Grant started kindergarten at our neighborhood public school, but only stayed 2 months.
Grant started to take classes at Village Home school.

Man, that's a lot in a year!  Has it only been a year?  What else am I forgetting?  Probably something important that I have since forgotten about, that I will never be able to live down, like my husband winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Don't worry, there will be blog posts on everything!  And more!  This is gonna get interesting.