Thursday, May 14, 2009

Housecoat, Part II, The Love Affair

What is it called? Creative visualization? Self-fulfilling prophecy? A few weeks ago I wrote that I wanted a housecoat; then, like magic, one appeared. It happened when I was down on N. Mississippi Avenue, visiting a very cool vintage shop called Bella Norte. It was there that I heard the housecoat call my name. In an old oak armoire, nestled amongst the silk peignoirs and skinny sheath dresses, was a full-on frumpy chenille housecoat. "Take me home. . ." the housecoat called, "I wuv you!" Seduced by its ribs of terrycloth, fussy flowers and zipper front, I held it in my arms, petted it and called it my precious. "We will always be together," I murmured in its armhole, "I will wear you as you have never been worn before." We went home together, vowing never to part.
Now I'm living in a cozy tent of pale blue love. My boys think it's very swell. They want to be zipped up with me inside the housecoat. They tell me I'm soft and warm. Momma. My husband has tactfully refrained from commenting. Or maybe he's just jealous.

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  1. I have the Haus frau equivilent in a fluffy pink bathroom that my mom just shakes her head at when I wear it. I bought it for her but, no, Mom stated, "Just not my style." Ha. It's lovely, Janet!