Thursday, February 19, 2009

Complaining is easy

Its easy to write a blog and winge about life. Over the past days, I've been thinking and stewing how I can put my own life experience with children and parents to better the lives of others. This is inspired by three events: The arrival of a new presidental administration of hope; Seeing materialism and greed cause a Great Depression; Watching my parents lose all recognition of any physical acheivements in their lives. I'm feeling a calling to change the world for the better before I croak. And I don't mean to become Saint Janini. But what else is life about? A friend sent me around a copy of the "bucket list" things to do/see before you die. So I'm making my own bucket list of one item: Leave the world a better place for others.
Sounds a bit like a combination Mid-life crisis/Religious calling. I'm looking for information on other people who have found alternative ways to care for their family and extend this care to their community.

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